summer nights...

Baguette, olive oil, balsamic $2.5/p
Sweet potato crisps $4
Macadamia, lime & leaf salad $9
Hand cut frites, herb salt, aioli $9
Zucchini and tomato, garlic & parmesan crumb $12
Spiced crispy calamari, tartare $16
Arancini of the day, tomato sugo, grana padano $12
Israeli couscous, cranberries, spinach, almonds, parsley, grilled lemon $16
Prosciutto, rockmelon, toasted hazelnuts $17
Marinated baby octopus, chorizo, corn & peppers $19
Seared scallops, potato puree, apple & bacon $19
Chicken saltimbocca, pancetta & sage, roasted garlic bulbs, spinach & potato $35
Sauteed mushrooms, soft polenta, parmesan $27
Caramelized pork belly salad, baby chats, apple $33
Market fish of the day $mp
Beef eye fillet, house smoked tomatoes, juniper red rice, salsa verda $39
We would love to celebrate with you on your birthdays, milestones and special occasions. If you would like a cake to help you celebrate, we can arrange that for you. Please give us at least 3 DAYS NOTICE prior to your reservation date.    
If you would still like to bring in your own cake, a cakeage of $10 per person will be added to your bill.